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Water Lilies

This small piece was a challenge issued by some members of http://www.longarmchat.com.  A photograph was chosen, and then we were allowed to do whatever we wanted.

I decided to use the colors (the green and blue and the pink) and the placement of the flowers.  I didn’t want to try to accurately portray the photograph.


The tiniest squares in the background finish at 1/2 inch.  Before quilting, I layered black tulle over the quilt top.  After quilting, I added the crystals (of which there are several shades of green) and then attached the flowers.  The flower petals were created by layering the 2 shades of pink fabric with 2 sheets of aluminum foil in between.  I stitched around them several times and then cut them out.  They were attached to the quilt top with just the line of stitching down the center of each petal.  Lastly, I added the beads in the flower centers.


It is actually much prettier in person.  The pictures don’t seem to capture the sparkle of the crystals very well.  I think I need to take some photography lessons…..


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