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Katie’s Red Food Dish

Oh boy!  Two posts in one day!


Actually, this used to be Sarah’s food dish, but Sarah left us last year.  Katie started with a small plastic bowl, but graduated to a big girl food dish when she was big enough to reach over the top of it.  She was a little bit of nothing when we got her.

Sarah was our first baby — a week after my husband and I got home from our honeymoon, we took a drive to pick her out at a farm in Grundy County Iowa.  She was 9 years old and sick for the better part of a year when we lost her last fall.  I really missed her.  I still do.  We still had Toby, our big lug of an English Springer Spaniel, but he didn’t follow me around and isn’t the same kind of companion that Sarah had been.  I started looking around for puppies, and fell in love with a picture of Katie on the Internet.

It’s been quite an interesting adventure having a puppy in the house again.  She’s a funny girl.  She’s definitely a princess and a mama’s girl (but daddy’s OK, too).  She wrestles with Toby (she’s 19 lbs, he is 50….).  But sometimes she is a scaredy-cat.  For about a month she would refuse to come down our open staircase.  Nobody knows what happened, and eventually she started coming down again. 

Katie, like Sarah, is a stomach with legs.  She knows when it is supper time.  We try to feed her about 6 PM, and she starts heading for the laundry room (where the food is stored) at about 5:45.  If we fed her any earlier, we are afraid she’d just be up that much earlier in the morning looking for breakfast….

I got a new camera last week, and was just playing around with it.  I was really trying to get pictures of her looking at me, but now that I’m on this red kick, I was pretty pleased with this particular photo the way it is.  I love seeing the detail of her whiskers against the red of the food bowl.


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Seeing Red

I think that red is my favorite color.  I haven’t always said that — it used to be purple.  But as I think about myself and my life, I am finding that there is a whole heck of a lot more red around than there is purple….

In honor of that, I’m going to kick off some color experimentation with red.  My plan is to work my way around the color wheel, experimenting with different techniques and even crafts and starting to explore where my art and quilting is going to go in the future.

To get started, I made a visit to a craft superstore today and found red things.  Yarn, beads, buttons, ribbons, fabric, etc…everything I bought had to be red.  I did cheat a tiny bit — in addition to a red art marker, I bought a black one, but otherwise, everything was red.  I was very excited that most of the yarns I chose were on sale, and the glass beads, too!


More on red and in it’s place in my life later…..

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