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Lady Jane

It seemed wrong not to add a picture today, so here’s a funny little creature I made about a month ago.  She is a ladybug named Lady Jane.  I made her up out of my own head after looking at some pictures of funny stuffed animals I found on some other websites.  I’ll go looking for those links next week.  Too tired now….

She has her issues, but I think she’s kinda cute! Plus — she is RED!!!


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Things That Are Red

Sounds like a Jeopardy category or something, doesn’t it?

I spent the day hanging quilts and making labels — getting ready for our local quilt show.  Plus, getting books ready — I get to have a book signing on Friday and Sunday.  Not to mention the longarm guild meeting on Sunday that I’ll be the guest speaker at!

I’m pretty well exhausted, but thought I’d spend a few minutes thinking about things that are red.  I didn’t get to work on any of my art projects today, so this will have to suffice:

stop signs
my laundry room walls (aka my office)
my sectional
Santa’s suit
Rudolph’s nose
stripes on the American flag
Coca Cola Cans
Target’s logo
Candy cane stripes
Katie’s food dish
Mom’s car
a bunch of the quilts I’ve made.  too many too count.  well, too many for my tired brain to deal with right at the moment….
the frames of my new glasses
the frames of one of my first pairs of glasses — ala Sally Jessy Raphael.  Didn’t look any better on me than they did on her
some of the highlights in my hair…
Lightening McQueen (from the movie Cars…)
Winnie the Pooh’s shirt (in the Disney version…)
ladybugs (the pretty kind, not the obnoxious Asian Beetles)
Cy — ISU Cyclone’s mascot
Darth Vader’s Light saber (I think.  I must verify with my children…)
The color I’m going to paint my house when all of the siding as been replaced

If I weren’t so tired, I bet I could think of a bunch more.  Maybe later.

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