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More Things That Are Red

Thanks to Vicki, I have a few more thing to add to my previous list.  I’m going to copy them here, and then add some more that I thought of on my own.  (Vicki’s additions to my list were in my original post to my other blog on my website.  I’m copying my posts here for completeness, but unfortunately I don’t know how to drag over the comments…)

Cardinals (the bird and the team)
Scarlet Tanager
stop signs
cranberry juice
nail polish

and a box in your mailbox…….

fire trucks
my Mom’s car

Speaking of that red box.  Oh my goodness.  Thank you so much to Vicki for the fun things she sent me.  My red stash is growing by leaps and bounds. After the meeting I spoke at on Saturday, I had to visit Michael’s and found some more things to add to it myself:

First off, the red box!  I just giggled when I saw it!  Even the address was written in red ink!


The contents!  Make note of the dog treats with the red centers….


And the stuff I got at Michael’s:


I also got some red wool, but I’m already trying to knit something with that, so it didn’t make it into the pile of goodies for photographing.

So now, I guess the thing is that I need to actually start using some of this cool stuff to MAKE things!  I’ve got tons of ideas, but am short on a key ingredient — time.  Soon, though!  I really need to just sketch out some of the ideas so I don’t forget.  Not that I would ever forget anything.  LOL!


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