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Fear and a pair of jeans

I did something sort of scary this afternoon.  I opened the seam in a pair of my old jeans.  Why is this scary you ask?  Well, even if you don’t want to know, I’m going to tell you.

First off — it’s scary because who in their right mind takes apart perfectly good clothing? OK, OK, "perfectly good" isn’t quite accurate considering the fact that this particular pair of jeans has a gaping hole in the right knee.  But honestly, why on Earth would someone choose to rip a seam?  I wondered this as I did it, seeing as how I avoid unsewing as much as possible in my line of work.  I didn’t actually realize until I tackled it how well the seam was sewn, either.  In addition to the seam itself, the raw edges were serged.  Do you know how much thread was involved?  Yards and yards and yards — and it’s allover my sewing room now….in leetle teeny bits…

Secondly, it’s scary because it means I need to get going on the next part of the project.  Which is trying to embellish the jeans in some fashion.  The first goal is to patch the great big honkin’ hole in the knee.  The hole didn’t used to be quite so big.  Back when it was just a thin spot, I kept thinking that I ought to use my fancy schancy embroidery machine and do some embroidery over the whole leg, and somehow this embroidery would help patch the knee.  Eventually the thin patch became an actual hole, and I kept thinking the same thing about embroidery.

Well, the hole kept growing until one day I managed to stick my foot through and rip it even bigger.  I’ve worn the jeans a few times since then, but finally quit because the hole is almost seam to seam now.

Over the last few days I’ve started dreaming about an outfit (wearable art…) that I might like to try to make.  A vest, a shirt, and an embellished pair of jeans.  Now that the jeans are all pulled apart, it’s time to get serious and get it done.  Although, a trip to the fabric store might be in order first….I’m thinking about some fun fashion fabrics that I don’t ordinarily use, so, of course, it is necessary to go stock up….what a trial!

The before picture!  Hopefully the after picture won’t be years behind — maybe only months! LOL!



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Like a hole in my head

As in … "I need a new project…"

But, but, but….it’s got RED fabric. 

I’m trying to challenge myself to work on original projects, and to use up what I’ve got before I go back for more….

But!  I just love the way the two blocks work together.  Not to mention all that nice open space for pretty quilting….

Maybe I’ll have it done in time for NEXT Christmas.

In case you can’t read it, the pattern is called Peppermint Swirls.  It’s designed by Fig Tree Quilts.  I got it at the quilt show in Traer last weekend.

(All of the images on my blog are clickable — you can look at a larger view if you click on the picture!)

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