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Yes, I know it is almost Christmas

But, I have absolutely nothing art or quilt related to show for myself for the last day and a half, so you get to see a picture of my children in this year’s Halloween costumes.   

I’m not really sure what I’ve managed to do.  Not a whole lot.  I’ve been in and out of the house with various school and town activities (we have a Holiday Happenings event in town, with various sales and food and music and stuff going on).  Plus, we went to see  Flushed Away last night (which was pretty cute).

This afternoon, my mom and I are taking a short overnight trip to Minnesota to deliver a quilt to my Great Aunt Barb.  It is a Dresden Plate that was hand appliqu├ęd by Caroline Cramer, 1920s or early 1930s.  Caroline was my mom’s maternal great grandmother, which makes her my great great grandmother.  I did the quilting, my mother put on the binding.  I have pictures of it on my website in one of my photo galleries.  

Just for fun, I’ll post a picture of it here, too, that way there is actual quilt content and not just this creepy picture of my boys in their costumes.  Joe borrowed the skeleton from his cousin Ben.  Will is a Jawa, which is a creature from Star Wars.  I made the brown robe, and we found the black mask at Target.  I sewed on some yellow buttons for the eyes.  Both of them were extremely creepy in the dark.



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