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I spent the day quilting a quilt that my mom made for my cousin for her high school graduation.  Amy just recently passed her boards and is an LPN.  SHe’s also expecting her first child.  We decided the HS grad quilt probably needed to be done before we started a baby quilt.

I was hoping to be done with it, by doing something fairly open and simple, but I lost my head and started off doing something a lot more closely quilted than I intended.  I’m on the final pass, so it should be done sometime tomorrow.  I would have gotten more done tonight, but we decided to take the boys over to Gladbrook to view an amazing thing.  There is a man in Gladbrook that builds models out of matchsticks.  He’s been doing this for about 17 years and just recently completed a model of Hogwarts (the wizard school that Harry Potter attends).  It took him almost 2 years to create and used 602,000 matchsticks.  Hogwarts has been purchased by a museum in Spain, and this week was the very last week that it was going to be in Iowa, so I’m glad we got a chance to go see it.  Here’s a link to the website with pictures and information about all of the models he has built.:

Matchstick Marvels: Models

It makes me think that my feat of sewing on 203 buttons by hand wasn’t so special after all! LOL!

Unfortunately, there aren’t pictures on the site of my favorites.  He has a model of the Space Shuttle Challenger which is pretty amazing.  The other one I really like is a Crooked House.  The detail and workmanship is awe-inspiring.  And it’s all made of matchsticks and glue!

Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the kinds of things I do, it inspires me to keep going and keep pushing myself.  He started with a simple country church, and even though his process still boils down to gluing one matchstick at a time, he’s learned lots of tips and techniques and tricks and can do anything he wants to now. 

His only limit is his imagination.


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