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Playing with Photoshop

Color_tiesComputers are so much fun when they work.

A few weeks ago the boys were looking for something to dress up in.  We really don’t go anywhere that requires "nice" clothes, so they had to make do with some plain dark shirts and jeans that are really too small.

Afterwards, a request was made:  shirts and ties (and new jeans that fit).  Specifically, Joe wanted a WHITE shirt and a RED tie.  Hmm.  Is he joining his mother in her red obsession? I guess I’d better add "RED" to the category of this one….

His brother decided a blue tie would be OK.  I found some ties online, but wasn’t sure they’d be here in time for today’s holiday concert.  Boy, were we excited when they arrived on Monday!

I also managed to find the new white shirts and brand-new crisp blue jeans for them last week, so they were all set for today. Oh — new belts too! 

I took some pictures this morning, and have just had some fun figuring out how to make Joe black and white but leave his tie RED.  Pretty handsome, isn’t he?

I tried to include Will in this shot, but his tie is Navy Blue and you wouldn’t have been able to tell it was any different than black. 

I did play with the photo with some other filters, too, though.  Isn’t this one crazy?  I think it’s called glowing edges.  Makes their faces really spooky, but it does highlight their ties really well. Dsc005192_1   

I also figured out why I was having so much trouble uploading pictures earlier.  I thought I was exporting them to a folder in a smaller file size, but it turned out I was trying to upload the large files, so no wonder it was taking forever and acting like it was working….like I said up at the top — computers are fun when they work right.  Oh wait — they are fun when the USER works right….


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One of Yesterday’s Photographs

Dsc00504Here’s the postcard I was bragging about receiving in yesterday’s post.  It’s from Vicki.  I was so excited to get it!

I can’t seem to get my other picture to upload today and I’m again out of time to deal with it right now.  I’ll try again later — I’m off to the Holiday Program at school.

Later in the day…

Yahoo — I seem to be able to upload more pictures, finally.

The first is my very photogenic nephew, Colin.  I believe that he was looking up at my equally photogenic son (one of them, anyway…)

Dsc00458Last is a picture of the 3 cousins.  We have heard that there is a possibility that the other 2 cousins might be here in the spring — 5 cousins together — won’t that make for a cute picture???  The boys were pretty fascinated with their year old cousin.  He’s a lot more interesting than he was the last time we saw.  Yes, he was adorable then, but he’s starting to talk and is crawling and is just really quite brilliant for a year old boy….

Well, the school Holiday program is over and I just got through with 45 minutes of arguing with long distance providers (and being thoroughly annoyed by them…), so it’s probably time I attempted to do something useful today.   I didn’t intend for this blog to just be a record of the cute children in my life, but I guess life often has other plans for us, doesn’t it?  I did actually  manage to do some sewing last night, so I shouldn’t complain too much.  Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I’ll actually get some longarm quilting done.  I have so many ideas for quilts and clothing and a gazillion other things — I need to keep them all in mind for when I have time for them.

*****Even later in the day.  Good grief.  The other picture was here before, honest.  Here it is again.  I don’t know what happened to the darned thing.


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