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Happy Birthday, Debra!

Today is my baby sister’s 30th birthday.  By now, she is actually 30 (she reminded us earlier that she didn’t technically turn 30 until 5:40PM).  I think she’s a little traumatized by the event, but I think the ones that have more right to be traumatized are our parents….

My Mom and I sent her a special surprise for her birthday.  Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to send it until today, but considering our package mailing track record, that’s actually pretty decent.  Hopefully she’ll have it by Wednesday or Thursday, and then I can share what we sent.  It’s pretty cool.

I did get the 2nd teacher gift quilted today.  I meant to add that yes, I have set a precedent with the teachers that I’m sure they’ll expect me to continue.  Honestly, I’m OK with that.  Consdiering the massive job they have, I think that a small quilt from me is the least I can do to thank them for what they do with the resources they have.  Elementary school teachers (OK, all teachers…) are true-blue heroes in my book.  I should also add that in our small school, there are only 2 teachers per grade.  By virtue of being twins, the boys are pretty much guaranteed that throughout their elementary career,  one or the other will get all of the elementary teachers, so I’m not worried about any of the fighting over who gets my kids…..VBG…..

I didn’t get the quilting finished until about 15 minutes ago (and it’s 10PM now…), so I’ll post pictures tomorrow.  Now to get the bindings finished.  I have until Thursday at about 1PM (the time I’m supposed to be at school for the Christmas party…) so I ought to have plenty of time, right?

I completely forgot to mention something else I did over the weekend.  I have a new project that’s just screaming for me to start it, no, I’m not really hearing voices….so don’t call the men in the white coats (yet).  But before I let myself start it, I figure I need to finish a few  other things, first.  So, I worked some more on an in-process project. 

The pattern is from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.  I bought the fabric as a kit awhile back.  I actually had another pattern from Miss Rosie, and I was debating between the two.  I asked my children to decide, and they picked this one.  I think that "Super Mario" refers to Mario Lemieux, the hockey player.  I’m pretty sure they thought it referred to Super Mario, the Nintendo character…. 

Yesterday, I finally managed to get all of the 5 inch units finished.  You don’t actually make the large "blocks" — the quilt gets pieced as diagonal rows of 5 inch units.  Well, I thought I had finished them all.  As I started laying them out on my design wall, I discovered that I had not yet made some of the hourglass units, nor have I made the setting triangles.  Oh well.  It’s closer, anyway.   LOL…..



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