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Weird Things

I have been tagged by my friend CarlaB to do the 6 Weird Things Meme.  So, here goes nothing:

1.  I have one near-sighted eye and one far-sighted eye.  Neither is terribly bad, but I get horrible headaches when I don’t wear my glasses.  I have discovered over time that this situation has had an effect on my depth perception — I can judge short distances — I know what a 1/4 inch seam looks like — and I’m OK driving.  But, I’m unable to judge long distances very well — my DH will say that something is about a football field long, and I’m just lost.

2.  I don’t like tomatoes.  Neither does my husband, his sister, or her husband.  My poor gardening mother-in-law.  It doesn’t bode well for the grandkids, either.

3.  I can’t cross stitch with a hoop.  I have to have the fabric right in my hand.  I know, that’s probably not weird to most normal people, but I think it’s pretty weird in the world of stitching.

4.  One of my favorite jobs (and my first…) was shelving books in a public library.  I loved that job.  I used to know the Dewey Decimal System by heart.

5.  I have to eat bananas cut up.  I gag if I try to eat them straight out of the peel.  I swear I take small bites, but it never fails to happen.  I love to eat bananas, but they just have to be cut up!

6.  I was born in Ames, Iowa, where my parents met when going to Iowa State.  My mom grew up in Iowa, and thought she’d always live here.  My Dad was in the Navy, and after graduation, they promptly left the state to live elsewhere for many years.  I went back to Ames, to attend ISU myself, with the intention of leaving the state as soon as I graduated and went looking for a job.  My senior year I was set up on a blind date with my future husband.  He grew up in the small town that we now live in.

I’m not sure if that last one is weird or just ironic, but it’ll have to do.

If anybody else does (or has already done) the meme, leave me a note so I can come read your answers.


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From the Big Purple Bin


Dear Suzanne,


t was so wonderful to see you last week. Some of us little bits have been stuck way
down in the bottom of our purple container for years and years. We thought maybe you had forgotten about us
and did not love us anymore. A couple of
the littlest guys tried to run away and hide, but you muttered something about
a puppy finding us. We were sure sorry when you scooped every last bit up
and put us back in the bin, but we were kind of scared of the puppy.  Is that that thing that barks a lot?  She sure is noisy.

We are
feeling a little sad that some of us had to go into a white garbage bag. However, we had been so smashed together
before, it was nice to stretch out a bit. We hope the ones in the bag do not get thrown away by accident!

I bet you do not even remember what projects some of us are
scraps from! And some of us are not even
leftovers – we are abandoned and orphaned blocks. We sure hope you come back and visit us again
someday. Even though we cannot see the
rest of your fabric and quilts, we can hear. We know that you are starting to
make more scrap quilts and think you should probably spend some time with us
and see if you could use some of us. A
lot of our members are really quite big and even most of the smallest are
probably usable.

 We understand you are busy with lots of projects; we just
want to make sure you do not forget about us for another couple of years.


 The Scraps in the Big Purple Bin


p.s. Is it true that there is another bin just like ours
that is also full of scraps? Maybe you need to put us all together in one place and see if any of us would work well
together. We would sure like to meet the
rest of our cousins and other relations.

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