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Katie’s New Stocking


Santa always brings treats for our doggies, so of course, they need stockings, too!  Last year, I’m not really sure what we used for Katie, but today I decided she needed one of her own.  Actually, I decided this about a week or so ago, and actually cut out the flannel for the stocking at that time.  Today, I decided to get it finished and make it my letter of the day entry.  The "K" and the cuff are made out of white dotty minkee.  Now, I must go back into my studio and clean up all the little bits of minkee that are left behind.  That stuff is so nice once it is finished, but it sure is messy to work with!  This project was supposed to be quick, but I messed up the cuff the first time.  I won’t even try to embarrass myself with telling you the details.  Suffice it to say, there is a reason why I generally make quilts and not clothing.

Here’s a picture from last year when Katie was small enough to actually fit inside one of our stockings.  I’m not sure when this was taken — I look exhausted, don’t I?  And what’s with those grins on the boys?  I just checked the date on the picture — 11/24/2005 — they must have been working on their best behavior act.


 Now, I’d better get back to work cleaning and getting ready for Christmas.  So many presents yet to wrap!  Why didn’t I wrap them when the boys were at school?


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