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WIP Wednesday #7

Hey — how did it get to be Wednesday again already?

I’ve already shown off bits and pieces of what I’ve been working on this week.  The pink quilt is ready to quilt — it wasn’t on any of my previous lists of things to do, so I probably ought to feel ashamed for neglecting everything else.  I’m actually going to quilt it in the next few days, too, so it won’t even stay an unfinished top for very long.  That’s pretty impressive for me!

The major work in progress today is the brand-new quilting machine that I’m breaking in for a customer.  I’ll deliver it to her on Saturday.  I quilted some table runners for my local quilt store owner on the new machine today.  I figure that quilting the entire pink quilt on it will be a good work out — I can make sure it’ll run nice and smooth on Saturday!

I’m especially proud of my daily pieces.  Here’s today’s.  It pretty much turned out exactly how I’d imagined it in my head this morning in bed.  I drew it out in my sketchbook, first, and colored that in with watercolors.  Then I went to fabric:


I’m still not sure about the green ribbons.  Those are just tied on and would be pretty easy to remove.  It really looks cool with the other small pieces I’ve been making for the last few days.  I have just enough of the blue fabric to make one more small piece tomorrow, then I’ll take a picture of all of them hanging together.

I ordered some Procion dyes today from Dharma Trading Company.   I’m going to take the plunge and try dyeing some of my own fabric.  The things I want to do right now don’t lend themselves to commercial fabric.  I did order the book Color by Accident by Ann Johnston, but I’m also intending to take the advice of Melody Johnson who calls herself a "lazy dyer" — and has instructions on her blog for her methods.  Melody’s work is gorgeous — I love, love, love the colors in her fabrics.   She’s got some really neat pieces on her blog from her work over the last week — all 12 x 12 (approx).  The piece I have pictured above is directly inspired by what I’ve been viewing at her site. 

I also had a very unpleasant conversation on the phone today with someone at Sony about the battery charger I thought I had ordered last week.  Apparently, even though I got an order number through my browser, the order was never actually placed.  She kept making it sound like it was my fault for being an idiot, and I didn’t appreciate her attitude.  Unfortunately, I didn’t help things because I got upset and raised my voice.  Eventually I decided to just hang up.  I tried again to reorder and this time it appears that things are going to be processed correctly and hopefully I’ll finally be using my good (expensive) camera again by this weekend.

So that’s my wrap up for this Wednesday.  I didn’t really work on anything else this week that warrants a mention…..


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What Remains


Yesterday I showed you a picture of the fabric I bought last week.  Vicki says that I’ve violated quilting rules by not allowing the fabric to properly age in my stash before using it.  She’s probably right — but — I just had to make this quilt.  I had to.  Honest.  I would be a raving lunatic if I hadn’t gotten this one out of my system.  I just had to know what it was going to look like in fabric.   Picturing it in my head or playing with in Electric Quilt was just not enough.

The amazing thing is that what you see above is all that is left of the fabric I used for the top.  The white fabric was in my stash.  I used a few strips of light pinks from my stash as well.  The dark pink stripe was the largest cut of fabric I had purchased — all that’s left are some scraps and the one strip (about 3 inches wide) that you see on the lower left of the picture, the other dark pinks were fat 8ths and I didn’t use very much of those.  I  went in to the fabric store with a plan of sorts, but didn’t have exact amounts — and when I got to the cutting table, instead of asking for a yard of each (like I might have in the past), I made myself stick to 1/3 yard cuts of the light pinks. 

The top is all put together.  I think it measures somewhere around 63 by 63.  I’m not going to show it to you the whole thing, yet, though.  I will let you see one of the blocks. My inspiration was a quilt designed by Judy Laquidara called Gratitude


Did you notice that it is a Churn Dash variation?  Have I mentioned that Churn Dash is one of my very favorite blocks?

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Anybody want a dog?


Toby is a beautiful English Springer Spaniel.  He’s 10 1/2, house trained and is good at fetching frisbees.

I should mention that he has a bad habit of eating tissues (dirty out of the garbage, but lately he’s also been pulling new ones out of the box).  He also likes to search through the garbage for other interesting things (which is why no trash cans sit out in the open any longer), and has been known to dig through the laundry for dirty underwear.

His newest trick:  pulling things off my desk and destroying them:


This was my little piece from Day 26 — the letter Z.  Do you notice what is missing?  Yes, that’s right — the zipper pull is gone.  I tried to retrieve it, but he was having none of me digging in his mouth.  And as he has gotten older, I’ve gotten more leery of pushing my luck with him.

Any takers?

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Calendar Challenged

First up today is a look at some fabric I got last week.  This is the fabric that has been haunting me for the last few days and the top I’m making out of them is nearly complete.  I may just leave you with this tease for awhile before I show off what has come of all this pink.  And yes, it is a LOT of pink.

I have mentioned before that I am calendar challenged.  I have trouble using calendars.  I’m sure some of you are wondering how it is possible to have trouble using calendars — and if you are, I wish I were more like you.  Others of you might know what I mean.  I put stuff on my calendar, but if you don’t look at the calendar, it doesn’t matter if the information is there or not.


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A Slave to my timer

I learned about using my timer from Flylady.  I’ve fallen off the timer wagon a little this afternoon, but I have to admit that when I really commit to using it, (i.e. don’t ignore it when it goes off…) I get a lot accomplished.  I tend to get sidetracked sometimes.  I also tend to hyper-focus on projects to the exclusion of all else.  By setting my timer for 15 minutes at a time this morning, I was able to work on a sewing project and alternate that with getting some picking up and cleaning done in my studio.  I have gotten a lot done on the sewing project that is consuming me (sometimes I just HAVE to sew something and see it through to completion) and remarkably, the studio is looking less like a disaster and more like a place that something could actually be accomplished.  I even managed to vacuum in my studio!

Plus — I got caught up with yesterday and today’s little art projects.  The finished size is 3 by 5.  Bigger than the business cards, smaller than the postcards, but still an interesting size.  For now I’m just going to make them as the muse strikes me, and not worry about trying to fit a theme or anything.    The colors are much brighter and prettier in real life.


I dug out my desk a couple of days ago and somehow the piles have
reappeared and are even taller.  Digging it out again might have to
wait until tomorrow.  I suspect the excavation this time won’t be quite
as painful as the last.
Well — there goes the timer.  I’d better pay attention to it and go do something else useful.

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Alphabet Roundup

My children are still young, but are now beyond the age of reading Alphabet books.  I was thinking last night about all of the alphabet books we read while they were little.  There were a lot of them!


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Happy New Sock Day!

What?!?!?  You didn’t get the memo?

Yes, today is New Sock Day.

No, not officially, but it is at MY house, anyway.

Look at what the sock fairy brought me this morning:


The sock fairy (AKA my mother) learned to knit socks this fall.  She’s been wearing that first yellow pair of socks for months bragging about how wonderful they are.  I thought I was going to get a pair of socks for Christmas, but Mom decided to move from 4 double pointed needles to 2 circular needles and had to start over.  I expect to be sporting a pair of striped socks sometime in the near future, too.

Thanks, Mom!

(And yes, just in case you are wondering from this picture or the one that’s posted in my 365 Photos album…I do have big feet.  Size 11 in fact.  I’m tall, OK?)

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