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Laid low

I guess it is possible to keep a good woman down.  Give her a nasty stomach virus.  That’ll do the trick.


So much for all of the fun things I was going to do today.  Maybe tomorrow.  I got my new thread yesterday.  Couldn’t even play with it.  Got my new buttons today.  Can’t even manage the energy to go take a picture to show you what they look like.  Maybe tomorrow.

The picture of the thread was taken yesterday.  Isn’t it pretty?  I feel like I got a brand-new box of crayons, only better.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to do some coloring.


Right now, I’m going back to bed.  Good thing I never changed out of my flannel jammies with the penguins on them.

My sympathies to anyone that has had this nasty stomach thing, and I sure hope the rest of you don’t get it.  Make sure you wash your hands and practice all that other good preventative type stuff.


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