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Camera Frustration

Unfortunately, my frustration is my own dang fault.  The charger for my camera battery is missing.  The last time we saw it was when we took it to Chicago between Christmas and New Year.  It was in the bag with my reading material.  We didn’t actually use it while we there, but the prevailing suspicion is that it got taken out (when someone was looking for) and didn’t get put back in.  We’ve pretty much looked everywhere that we can imagine it being, so…that’s all we’ve got.

At this point, the battery is completely drained.  I just checked Sony’s website, and they don’t appear to offer the charger for sale separately (yet).  It’s a Sony alpha — a new product within the last year.  I’ve e-mailed their customer support asking what the heck I’m supposed to do if they don’t offer chargers separately for sale.  Buying a new battery does me no good, since eventually I wouldn’t be able to charge it, either.  (I just looked at Amazon.com, while waiting for my photo to upload, and discovered that maybe there is a charger, but it’s $$$. Phooey.)

I had to use my old camera (which is now my DH’s camera) and it felt like a toy.  I can also tell that I’m much happier with the quality of the photographs on the new camera, which makes it all vastly more frustrating.

I spent most of my day working on a customer quilt.  It is a gorgeous quilt, but it is very large and it is all appliqué, and I’m echo quilting the entire thing.  Did I mention it was large?  I’ll be at it for several more days, I’m afraid.  I do need to go do some more beading on my January 12x12x12 quilt.  And I need to figure out how I’m going to do part of it.

My sister-in-law sent me some pictures of my niece and nephew.  One is an amazing close-up of my niece’s face.  She has incredible blue eyes.  Last night I decided to draw them in my sketchbook.  This led me to look for pictures of my kids and some of the other nieces and nephews, so I could try drawing their eyes.  I even got brave and worked on some noses and even a mouth!  My ultimate goal with all of this sketching is to eventually translate this to fiber and thread.



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