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The Quilt Studio web ring has a service quilt project going on — the goal is 40 quilts in 2007.  The goal for the winter quarter is to create quilts that will be given to The Children’s House in Maryland.

Amy pieced these two fun quilts and sent them to me for the quilting.  I had such good quilting karma today — I got both of them done!  Everything went well and I think they turned out great.  Orange isn’t one of my favorite colors and I was a little bit cautious when I pulled these out of the box.  I fell in love with them, though.   There is a great variety of fabrics, and the orange (as in the fruit) border fabric  is very cute.  Bright and cheerful and like a spot of sunshine.  Two kids are going to be very excited to get these quilts.

I should also mention that the actual sun was shining which also helped my mood.  It’s still cold, but seeing the sun always helps.

I am very glad to be a part of this project and look forward to doing some more!

I should mention that the close-up shots above are of two separate quilts.  They are basically the same (in terms of quilting), but one has loops for the background, and the other is just a meander. 


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