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100 Days of School

I don’t remember celebrating the 100th day of school back when I was in elementary school, do you?

The school the boys go to celebrates — they do lots of different activities relating to the number 100 — counting, reading books, writing down 100 words that they know, that sort of thing.  They each had to take a baggie with 100 snack pieces for one of the counting activities. (We sent Corn Chex, I didn’t have anything else fun to give them.  Must go grocery shopping…)

It’s kind of a fun thing to celebrate, except for one small problem.  100 days down means there are only 80 left to go.  I’m not sure it’s possible that we are just over the halfway mark on this school year already.   

Time really does speed up as you get older, doesn’t it?


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WIP Wednesday #6

I think I said this yesterday:  how did it get to be the end of January already?  Where did the time go?

I’ve already shared much of what I’ve been working on over the past week.  I did go get a back for the Churn Dash quilt that I completed over the weekend.  I don’t know exactly when I’ll quilt it.  Soon, hopefully.


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