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Happy New Sock Day!

What?!?!?  You didn’t get the memo?

Yes, today is New Sock Day.

No, not officially, but it is at MY house, anyway.

Look at what the sock fairy brought me this morning:


The sock fairy (AKA my mother) learned to knit socks this fall.  She’s been wearing that first yellow pair of socks for months bragging about how wonderful they are.  I thought I was going to get a pair of socks for Christmas, but Mom decided to move from 4 double pointed needles to 2 circular needles and had to start over.  I expect to be sporting a pair of striped socks sometime in the near future, too.

Thanks, Mom!

(And yes, just in case you are wondering from this picture or the one that’s posted in my 365 Photos album…I do have big feet.  Size 11 in fact.  I’m tall, OK?)


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