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A Slave to my timer

I learned about using my timer from Flylady.  I’ve fallen off the timer wagon a little this afternoon, but I have to admit that when I really commit to using it, (i.e. don’t ignore it when it goes off…) I get a lot accomplished.  I tend to get sidetracked sometimes.  I also tend to hyper-focus on projects to the exclusion of all else.  By setting my timer for 15 minutes at a time this morning, I was able to work on a sewing project and alternate that with getting some picking up and cleaning done in my studio.  I have gotten a lot done on the sewing project that is consuming me (sometimes I just HAVE to sew something and see it through to completion) and remarkably, the studio is looking less like a disaster and more like a place that something could actually be accomplished.  I even managed to vacuum in my studio!

Plus — I got caught up with yesterday and today’s little art projects.  The finished size is 3 by 5.  Bigger than the business cards, smaller than the postcards, but still an interesting size.  For now I’m just going to make them as the muse strikes me, and not worry about trying to fit a theme or anything.    The colors are much brighter and prettier in real life.


I dug out my desk a couple of days ago and somehow the piles have
reappeared and are even taller.  Digging it out again might have to
wait until tomorrow.  I suspect the excavation this time won’t be quite
as painful as the last.
Well — there goes the timer.  I’d better pay attention to it and go do something else useful.


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