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Speaking of Pink

I got my haircut and my eyebrows waxed today.  The haircut was about 2 (3?) weeks overdue.  I feel so much better.  I have no idea why I wait so long, it needs to be cut every 4 weeks.  The eyebrow waxing:  that’s about 2 months overdue.  I didn’t start doing this until last year.  I never even plucked.  Can you imagine? 

The main problem with getting them waxed is that I am very fair-skinned, and will now look like I am wearing pink eyeshadow for the next 3 days.  Perhaps I should go put on some real eyeshadow to try to tone it down.

My hairdresser and I started wondering about the history of eyebrow waxing.  How do you suppose that started?  Who decided that women need to shape their eyebrows?  And who on Earth thought up apply warm wax and then ripping the hair out?  Do you suppose it was a man?

I’m so excited!!!!  Airborne Express just delivered the new battery charger for my good camera!  Yahoo!  I’m back in business!!!!  (Now, to go find something to photograph.  Oh wait.  Now, I have to wait for the battery to charge.  *Then* I’ll go find something to photograph.)

edited to add:  ARGH!  Apparently you have to buy the POWER cord separately.  This was not indicated in the description on their website.  Yes, it was my fault that the charger and power cord got LOST, but I am so not happy with Sony’s customer service today.  My DH has a Sony camera and charger at work and is going to bring home the power cord that goes with it, as it sounds like it might work with mine.  Phooey.


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What’s in a Name?

Wow.  I am getting so many wonderful suggestions for names for the quilt I posted yesterday.  I’m almost sorry I asked, because I think my job is even harder now — I like all of them!  Tonight, I’m going to have my boys help me decide on which name will adorn my extremely pink quilt and I’ll let you all know tomorrow.

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