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And the Winner Is…

Thank you to everyone that submitted ideas for naming my quilt.  I wrote them all down on a list and started reading them over and over — to myself, to my boys, to my husband.  The boys didn’t help much because they kept coming up with their own additions.  Joe was really attached to "Pink Panther."  My husband suggested "Pinkalicious" and "Pinkasaurus Rex."  I may have to make a gob of pink quilts so I can use all of these pink quilt name ideas.

But, to the task at hand:  I have decided to name my quilt Peppermint Ice Cream

Thanks go to Patti for the suggestion.  I am going to make you a little quilt to say thank you.

It will probably look something like this.  Or not.  I haven’t decided (VBG).


Today is my Grandma’s 85th birthday.  (I think it’s 85 — Mom?).  Her favorite color is pink, so I made this small piece for her out of some leftovers.  It’s about 5 inches square.  The fringe on the bottom has some of those cute square buttons.

p.s.  The cord my husband brought home from work did work with my new battery charger!  Yippee!!  My camera is back in action!


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