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V is for Valentine

I decided that it is MY project, and if I want to change my mind, I surely can.  So, I have abandoned my tree idea for the time being, and just picked another letter of the alphabet for my February Journal quilt.

I made a postcard a couple of days ago that was black with pink and green charms on it.  I decided to expand that into a larger piece and this is what I came up with:


I quilted the background fabric on my longarm.  The four charms were made individually and then I attached them with invisible nylon thread.  It had originally intended that the "O"s would both be buttons, and the "X"s would be beads, but I realized that i would be more interesting to try to come up with different ways to represent the hugs and kisses.  The bottom "O" is actually a tiny mirror that I glued in place and then surrounded with beads.  What I really should have done was used beads to create a "cage" for the mirror, but I wasn’t up to that today.


Both photos are clickable, so you can view them in a larger size.  The charms on this piece are about 1 3/4 inches square.


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This too shall pass.

Some day I’m going to wish for the days when the boys are eating a meal with me, driving me crazy, right?

Chew with your mouth closed.

CHEW with your mouth CLOSED.

Chew with your MOUTH closed.


If I said it once last night I said it a dozen times.  I’ve been saying it at supper every night for the past month.  At one point, Will started chewing with his mouth WIDE OPEN right after I had said it yet again.  This time I just glared at him.   He gave me this wide-eyed look that said "What?  What did I do?"

There have been many stages in their short lives during which I was concerned that the current behavior was going to last forever.  We thought that Joe would be sleeping in our bed until he left for college.  Then one morning we got up and realized that he hadn’t come to join us in bed for more than a month.

I’m hoping that some day soon we’ll get though an entire meal without me reminding Will to CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED.   It might be awhile, though.

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