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Mark took this picture a short while ago.  The icicles are hanging off the bottom of the bay window in my studio.  There is about a 1/4 of an inch on the sidewalks, and trees are groaning under the weight of even thicker ice.

Power has been up and down all day.  It’s been up for several hours how, and I’m hopeful it is staying up now.  Some areas in Iowa have been without power since last night, so we feel very fortunate.

This morning’s forecast said that the ice/sleet/rain/yucko would be switching to snow this afternoon, but it hasn’t happened.  The last prediction had been for 7-13 inches in our area, up to 20 north of us.

December and January were so mild — we were very spoiled.  I had plans for this weekend that require electricity — I’ll probably wait until tomorrow to make sure that it is safe to turn the sewing machines back on.   My laptop has been giving me fits anyway, so I’m not too worried if it loses power.  I wish I had a battery in it that worked properly.

I hope you are staying warm and dry and safe wherever you live.  We are trying to do the same.



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