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Sunday report

I’ve been trying post an update with some pictures, but my connection isn’t good enough tonight to upload pictures.  Text will have to do. 

Quite frankly, I’m extremely lucky to have any kind of Internet connection at all.  In fact, electricity itself is a rare commodity at the moment.  Our town is one of the very few in small towns in our area to have power — if it weren’t for the generators our local utility company has for just such an emergency, we’d be in the dark and cold at the moment.  There are also lots of rural families without power, my in-laws included.  There are still a lot of downed power lines — I heard tonight that one small town has been told it might be 2 weeks before power is fully restored.  Two weeks!   

We were also lucky to have missed out on the heavy snow that we had been expecting.  We got a few more inches, but not much.  And temps were above freezing for most of the day so a lot of melting happened.  I think other parts of the state did get tons of snow, and unfortunately it was wet and very heavy.

I actually got a lot of quilting done today, and have been making some really cute creations that I would love to share, but as I said — no picture uploading at the moment.

No school tomorrow — the boy were in their pajamas all weekend, I think I will at least make them put clothes on tomorrow, even if we don’t go anywhere.

Better get to bed!


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