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The Art Quilt Workbook

I just posted this review to the QuiltArt list, but I thought I’d  post it here too:

Last week I ordered a copy of “The Art Quilt Workbook” by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston — I ordered it directly from Jane, and want to thank her for the quick service.


I got it yesterday and skimmed through it. I can’t wait to dig in and really use this wonderful book. There are a lot of beautiful quilts to be inspired by and many exercises that I’m going to enjoy challenging myself with.

One of the best parts of the book, and the part I am most grateful for is the page at the end of each chapter that lists websites of quilt artists, books for further study, as well as artists that work in other mediums (media?), all of which have some relation to the topic that was discussed in the chapter.

As a traditional quilter who is looking to expand her horizons, I’ve been floundering a bit. I would like to learn about art and art history, but have been at a bit of a loss as to where to start. I know there is no magic fairy dust that is going to make it all easy, but I think this book is going to a valuable guide on my journey.

Thank you Jane and Elin.

Thanks also to the QuiltArt list, which is an education in and of itself. I have been reading the list for about a year and have learned about all kinds of books to read, websites to visit, techniques to try, and most of all: artwork to view.



(I ordered some other books last week, too, but those are coming from Amazon.com, so I’ll post about those when they arrive).


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Time to Plant Corn

It’s true:  it is officially time to plant corn.

The oak leaves are as big as a squirrel’s ear.

My mother-in-law checked yesterday.

Well, she checked the oak leaves.

I don’t think she actually caught a squirrel and held it up for comparison.


Regarding pictures:   I’ve had a couple comments that the pcitures in my post last night are not displaying.  The quilt picture wasn’t working properly when I clicked on it, but I’ve fixed that.  All of the others show up just fine for me, so I don’t know what’s going on.  If I figure it out, I’ll let you know.




THE earth is awake and the birds have come,
There is life in the beat of the breeze,
And the basswood tops are alive with the hum
And the flash of the hungry bees;
The frogs in the swale in concert croak,
And the glow of the spring is here,
When the bursting leaves on the rough old oak
Are as big as a red squirrel’s ear.

From the ridge-pole dry the corn we pluck,
Ears ripe and yellow and sound,
That were saved apart with the red for luck,
The best that the huskers found;
We will shell them now, for the Indian folk
Say, ‘Plant your corn without fear
When the bursting leaves on the rough old oak
Are as big as a red squirrel’s ear.’

No crow will pull and no frost will blight,
Nor grub cut the tender sprout,
No rust will burn and no leaves turn white,
But the stalks will be tall and stout;
And never a weed will have power to choke,
Or blasting wind to sear,
The corn that we plant when the leaves of the oak
Are as big as a red squirrel’s ear.

–Peter McArthur

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