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How many quilts?

My friend Lynn and I were chatting about how many quilts we have (and use) in our home. It prompted me to actually stop and count.

I have given away a lot of quilts, but I also own a lot of quilts that I have made. I get pretty attached to the quilts I’ve made, and even though we have a lot of them around, we do actually use most of them at various times throughout the year.

For example, we have several large quilts that I’ve made that we rotate — during the winter we usually have 2 on our bed. I recently pulled them off to wash them, and instead of putting back the 2 that had been there, we put 2 new ones on.

The boys have never slept with a sheet — they have the baby quilts their Grandma E. made them when they were 4 months old, and then each has 2 lap size quilts that I’ve made — actually, they helped me make them, and each of them has a quilt on their bed that they actually machine quilted. They also both have a twin size quilt that I made when they moved to a big bed, but they’ve never liked (or used) those, so they are folded up in a drawer.

We also hang a lot of quilts. Right now, StarStruck for Christmas is still hanging on my wall, where it has been since Christmas time. It looks so wonderful with our yellow walls, it seems like it belongs there all the time, even if it is a little Christmas-y.

So, the count: currently we have approximately 37 finished quilts (that I’ve personally made) in our house. 25 of those are lap size or larger. 13 quilts are hanging on our walls.

I’m not going to admit to how many unfinished quilts are in my studio in various stages. Actually, I did admit to it back at the end of January. I haven’t looked at that list in awhile. I don’t think I want to be reminded right now.

Some day I’ll try to figure out how many quilts I’ve given away.

For now, my question for all of my quilting readers: how many finished quilts do you have in your home that are yours to keep? Tell me in the comments, or post it to your blog (and be sure to let me know you’ve answered the question so I can find out what your count is).

Sorry for no pictures tonight. The binding is done on the wedding quilt, and it is still waiting for a label and to be washed. I should have pictures of it to share tomorrow.




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