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Love Makes the World Go Around

Finally, pictures of the wedding quilt.

I do have to apologize for the pictures:  the quilt is fresh out of the dryer, and if it were going to be shown (like in a quilt show), I wouldn’t have dried it, I would have blocked it, but….it has to go in my suitcase and head to Texas, so, this is what we’ve got:

(Also, it is straight and square, but the full-view is taken from above at an angle, so it looks very un-square…)  Please click on these to view them full-size.  The thumbnails don’t do them justice.


I love how it turned out, but it’s interesting how thing snever end up exactly asyou had intended:  this quilt is much darker than I had envisioned.  I was picturing something with even less contrast between the “darks” and the “lights” — perhaps if we’d had more time to do some shop-hopping for neutrals, we might have come up with something different, but this is what we got when we went looking at the almost-last-minute.

I mentioned before that my Mom pieced the blocks, I set the blocks together, added the borders, quilted it, and bound it.  She embroidered the label as well:


Here are some close-ups of the quilting:


You can see that we picked a sage green fabric for the back.  It is even prettier in person.

I used Mountain Mist Cream Rose batting, 2 colors of Superior So Fine for the top thread and Superior Bottom Line in the bobbin.   I marked circles for the centers of the wreaths and to create the spines of the feathers in the border and the “dark” rounds of the log cabins.  The feathers themselves were quilted freehand.

The continuous curve/orange peel/wineglass design in the light part of the log cabins was also freehand.  I had to mark in a few lines to give me guides for where to sew.  My dear darling husband said “Wow, did you quilt all those circles freehand?”  Alas, I had to say no, no actual circles were sewn in the making of this quilt.  Well, except for the centers of the wreaths.  I love how the continuous curve looks like nearly perfect circles, though….

I’m just waiting for some clothes to dry, then I can pack my suitcase, and head for Texas.  Oh — I need to print out some pictures of kids to take with me.  Plus, I’m working today on my red wholecloth.  I got my entry confirmation for Machine Quilter’s Showcase — quilts have to be mailed at the end of the month.  I’d like to get it done sooner rather than, well, at the very last minute….




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