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Last fall, I made myself a ladybug.  After I made her, the boys asked me if I would make them each a stuffed Jawa.  For those of you that don’t know, a Jawa is a creature from the original Star Wars movie.  I’m not really sure why they have captured the boys imagination, but they sure like hte Jawas.  Maybe it’s because they are about their size?

eu_sm.jpg  This picture is from the Star Wars official website.  They have a pretty impressive database, more than you probably would ever want to know about Jawas.

Every so often the boys will mention the Jawas I’m supposed to be making and I put them off, because I’m not really sure why I agreed to do this.  They guilted me into it the other day, though.  After I made my kitty, they asked why I had made the kitty but still hadn’t made their Jawas.  Because I’m a horrible mother, that’s why….

Will was a Jawa for Halloween this past year (you can see a picture here) .  After making the robe that he wore, I had a pretty good idea of how to make a robe for the tiny stuffed Jawas.  I also had leftovers of the brown fabric I used to make the robe, so that was easy.  I needed the body to be very easy to make (in other words, I didn’t want to spend hours on this, when all you really see of the Jawa is the robe and his glowing eyes.

When I printed the pattern for the kitty I made, I also printed a pattern for a cute, easy bunny.  As I was looking at it, it occurred to me that if I left off the ears, I would have a passable Jawa.   I’m sure that the designer of the bunny (Wee Wonderfuls) had no idea it might turned into something like this, but I’m grateful for the help.  She may not want to know.

I made Will’s first, and decided that the robe I made was really too small.  He’s happy with it the way it is, so I’m not going to push it.  The robe I made for Joe’s Jawa is probably too big, but Joe is happy, too, so that’s just fine with me.  The boys don’t seem to mind that their Jawas are armless.

Will’s Jawa went to school with him, so I only have a picture of Joe’s to show.  Maybe I’ll take a picture of the pair later and add it.

I should also mention that Will’s Jawa is named George.  I don’t think Joe’s has been named yet.  So, without further ado:  a homemade Jawa.



The things we do for our children, right?

I’ve been looking around at stuffed creatures online.  Some people call them softies, some call them plushies.  In our house, any stuffed creature is called a “beanie” — whether it is stuffed with beans or not.  I think that got started by their cousin who is 2 years older.

Two more pictures today:


Will made this frog in art class.  Isn’t it cute?  Joe’s is still at school.  I’ll show it off as soon as I can convince him to bring it home.

And lastly:  I found a website called 26 Things,  it’s a photographic scavenger hunt.  There is a list of 26 things you are supposed to depict with a photograph.  I’m going to try to do the May list over the next few weeks, here is my first entry:



I try to reply to comments with a private e-mail, and I think I’m a little behind on doing that.  I apologize if I haven’t replied to you.   I do appreciate hearing from people,  and want to thank everyone that does  leave a comment.  I hit 5000 visitors this past week — I go back and forth between trying to ignore stats and being obsessed by them, but I was excited to see the counter turn over 5000.

Thanks to everyone that visits! I think that’s all for now.




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