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…my quilts are on their way to Kansas City for MQS (Machine Quilter’s Showcase).  You won’t have to listen to me whine about my red wholecloth anymore because it is done and gone.

It seemed to take forever to put hanging sleeves and labels on everything.   Maybe because I kept procrastinating and trying to find a gazillion other things to do….

My quilts are not “show” quilts — I don’t obsess over every single stitch, I don’t knot and bury my thread ends.  I love to look at over-the-top quilts at quilt shows, but I also like to look at normal, every day kind of quilts — and that’s what mine are.  I don’t send them expecting to win ribbons, I send them so that maybe somebody at the show will get an idea that they can take home and use on a quilt of theirs.

Today is the 2nd to last day of school.  Wow.  Where did this school year go?  After Tuesday, we’ll have 3rd graders at our house.  Doesn’t seem possible.  I was invited to Joe’s classroom to listen to some reports that he and a few other kids got to work on.  They went to the library with the classroom aide and did some research on a historical topic that was interesting to them.  They put together posters and gave a short talk to the rest of the class.  Joe’s was about castles.  The kids were so funny — they did really well for being 2nd graders.  One of the little boys rocked back and forth throughout his whole talk.  I wanted to go stand up behind him, put my hands on his shoulders and keep him still.  Will was very jealous that he did not get to do a report also.   I told him that he could do a report whenever he wanted to — but he wants to do an “assigned” report — assigned by a teacher, not just his mom…

I’m going to try to go do something creative this afternoon, so maybe I’ll have pictures to share later.




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