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Every so often it seems I have a post like this:  wondering where the time has gone.  One day turns into 2 and then pretty soon, it’s been like forever since I posted.  OK, maybe it’s only been days, but…doesn’t time seem to fly?

Some sewing has happened, some quilting, some sitting-by-the-pool-reading-a-book…some napping….

Can’t show you the quilting, it was for a Longarm round robin, and I can’t show off until the recipient’s have received their quilts back.   The other quilting I’ve done is….not done yet, so I’ll show that off when the quilt is done.  I have 33 more 14 inch blocks to go…..it’ll be a few days….

Did some piecing, but nothing worth showing, yet.  Just some 2 inch squares:  needed something really mindless that made me just sit at the sewing machine.  It’s been far too long since I’ve spent any quality time with my sewing machine.  Fixing the velcro strap on a brand-new pair of sandals doesn’t count…

It’s late, and that’s really all I’ve got.  I’ll try to think of something more profound to post tomorrow.  Or not, as the case may be….




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