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And our winner is….

Comment Number 26, which is Angela!

(I went to Random.org, and asked it to generate 1 random integer from between 1 and 49, the number of comments on my Momentous Post).

I did take a screenshot of the number, so if anyone wants proof that I didn’t just choose someone, you can have it….LOL!

I’ll be e-mailing Angela and will determine what exactly her drawing gift will be, and as soon as I figure that out, I’ll let y’all know!

Mark is home today (we had a meeting with our State Farm Agent, oy), plus our new windows came and he is working on the finish work from the new windows that got installed….a year ago….

I’d better get back to work, so he doesn’t think I spend the ENTIRE day at the computer.

More later!

Thanks everybody.  I was feeling pretty good about blogging before our little bloggy party, and now, I feel even more invigorated to keep going and keep finding fun new things to post about!



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Thanks for all of the comment-love.  I’ll be drawing for the yet-to-be-announced prize tomorrow at 12 noon central time, so you still have time to join in by commenting on this post:


It’s lovely to hear from all of you!  I’ll try to respond to you, but it may take me a day or so.

I’ve got a new song stuck in my head — it’s from the movie Miss Potter starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor, the song is called  When You Taught Me How To Dance.  It’s a sweet song.  Movie was enjoyable.  Well, my husband and children wouldn’t enjoy it, but I liked it.  Gorgeous scenery.

I’ll try to have some actual quilt content later tonight or tomorrow!



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I’ve got a song stuck in my head. Let’s see if I can get it stuck in yours, too:

Summer fling, don’t mean a thing, but uh-oh those summer nights

Uh well-a well-a well-a huh

Tell me more, tell me more


Our high school’s musical this year is Grease. For reasons that are still not quite clear to me, the high school music teachers are NOT directing this year, and so they’ve had to find some community members to direct. There was a note in the paper about the new directors and the fact that they were still looking for a pianist to accompany rehearsals, and possibly play for the performances. Something about that really tripped my trigger, and so: guess who is the new accompanist???

I really miss musical theater. The church we attended while I was growing up had it’s own theater troupe — my Dad was actually Stage Manager for quite a few productions, and Mom sewed lots of costumes. I think the first costume she ever sewed was a suit for the man that was Harold Hill in a production of The Music Man. If I remember correctly, it’s the only suit she’s ever actually sewn.

I’ve been in The Music Man twice — once in that same production (they didn’t have enough boys for the boys band, so some of us girls got to be in it, too….). When we were living in the Quad Cities (before the boys were born) I was in a production — I got to be one of the Pick-a-little Ladies. We had the wackiest costumes and hats. I’m pretty sure that we stole the show. By the time of the performances we had our shtick down quite well.

My high school only did a musical the year I was a senior — I got to be Lady Larkin in Once Upon a Mattress. I’m trying to remember the other musicals that I remember watching/being part of the backstage crew/or being on-stage for a bit part: Sound of Music, Brigadoon, 1776, Guys and Dolls, South Pacific, Oklahoma. I’m drawing a blank: it seems like there ought to be more, but I can’t remember what they were. Oh, I think there was a production of A Christmas Carol in there somewhere, not a musical, but still….I had a speaking part in that one.

Oh, here’s a funny theater story: the musicals were always in the fall, but sometimes in the spring there would be a Dinner Theater production — in the Fellowship Hall of the church. One year the show was Life with Father — I got to play the love interest of the teenage son. I needed to wear a hair piece in order to have hair that looked appropriate: and the hair piece they wanted me to use was for a redhead. So, I wandered off to the beauty salon and got my hair colored to match, and every night before the show, my mom and I would go to the salon to have the hairdresser style my hair with that hairpiece. (The things we do for our art, right?) Geesh mom, did you have to pay for all of that? I don’t remember.

At some point during this process, my “boyfriend” had made a remark about how he didn’t think he liked the red hair. As soon as the show was over, I headed back to the hairdresser to have her use all sort of nasty chemicals to get rid of the red hair.

Can you see where this is going? As soon as I showed up with my natural blonde hair again he said “Oh, well I kind of got used to the red hair and think you should have kept it.”


Last time I do anything to my hair (or anything else) just to impress a BOY.

So have you still got the refrain from Summer Nights stuck in your head? I think it goes along with the festive party atmosphere here at my blog. Did you comment on my previous post for your chance at a yet-to-be-determined gift?

Uh well-a well-a well-a huh
Tell me more, tell me more

Later gators!


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A Momentous Post

It was purely by chance this morning that I noticed:  this will be my 250th blog post.  This is a big deal for me, considering I’ve never been able to make a go of paper journaling.  I think maybe it has something to do with the feedback that I get from readers.

Since I haven’t managed to make note of other momentous occasions (such as the 100th post, or my 10,000th visitor) I thought this might be a fun time to have a quick blog party.  Especially since we are all in a festive mood after yesterday’s Christmas post.

Well, I am anyway.

In order to participate in my 250th post party, all you have to do is comment on this post.

Anyone who comments (on this post) before 12 noon central time on Friday, August 31, 2007 will be entered into a random drawing.

A drawing for what you ask?  Well, that will depend on who wins the draw, because I haven’t actually decided what it is I’ll be giving away.  Remember, I just now thought of this whole thing anyway.

It might be a stack of fat quarters, it might be a book, it might be a small handmade item of some sort — I don’t know yet!  The possibilities are endless!

So:  comment away.    Thanks for visiting and providing feedback — and patiently reading about all of my adventures and distractions.


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Christmas in August

So, I was looking through drafts of posts that I had started and never actually posted, and deleting most of them, when this one caught my fancy.

Have I mentioned that I’m in a weird mood this week?

A Christmas Meme

1. Apple cider, Eggnog, or Hot Chocolate? Hot chocolate, definitely

2. Turkey or Ham?
I almost hate to say this, but last year: neither. We had homemade, make-your-own pizzas on Christmas day….yum.

3. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree? Growing up, Santa did not wrap. Each kid’s stocking and Santa presents were displayed in a chair. When my husband was growing up, Santa always wrapped. After we had kids we decided to go with wrapping the Santa gifts. Santa uses a special paper featuring himself, all the other presents are in other kinds of paper.

4. Colored lights or white on the tree? Inside on the tree: can be both. Outside: has to be white.

5. Do you get a fake or real-you-cut-it-yourself Christmas tree? We switched to fake several years ago. I miss the smell of a real tree, but not the dripping needles, potential fire hazard, or the fact that I was allergic to the sap.

6. Favorite Christmas song? Only one? White Christmas — Bing Crosby.

7. How do you feel about Christmas movies?
Some are OK. Some are not worth my time. Absolute favorites are White Christmas and Holiday Inn

8. What is your favorite holiday dish? Broken Glass Salad — Grandma used to make it, her mom used to…now it’s my job. Four different colors of jello, mixed up with a Cool Whip/gelatin mixture, topped with crushed Nilla wafers (that have been mixed with more sugar and butter…) Yum. But why are Jello dishes called Salad???

9. When is it too early to start listening to Christmas music? Any time before December 1st. I love Christmas music, but give me a break, already!

10. What is your favorite holiday smell? Fresh baked peanut butter cookies.

11. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? When I was 7. Older boys at school.

12. What kind of decorations are on your Christmas Tree? All kinds of stuff. Homemade, store bought, old, new….

13. Do you open a present or presents on Christmas Eve, or wait until Christmas Day? New jammies on Christmas Eve, everything else Christmas Morning.

14. Go to someone else’s house or they come to you? Depends. We’ve gone to Florida to see my Dad, we’ve stayed home, we’ve gone over to relatives, we’ve had family come to us….

15. Which do you prefer giving or receiving? Does anybody actually answer receiving?

OK, that was fun to reread. Anyone else? LOL


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Only me

After yesterday’s post, today’s post is going to give y’all proof positive that I’m absolutely nuts.

Yesterday’s mail brought the latest issue of On Track, the magazine produced by the IMQA (International Machine QUilters Association), and included was a list of the quilt show categories for MQS 2008.

My favorite category is the Bread and Butter category (quilts have to be one of hte specified patterns and quilted in the manner in which you would do a customer quilt).  This year’s quilts can be Rail Fence, Blooming Nine Patch or Lone Star.

How many quilts do you think I planned in my head last night?  Hmm?

And see, I’ve finished several in the last week or so, so I feel justified in starting something new.  Of course, these quilts will have a purpose (quilt show entries!).

See, told you I was nuts.


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What’s that one for?

For a lot of my quilting career I’ve found myself answering the endless question “What’s that one for?” with “I don’t know, I just wanted to make it.” Either that or giving the questioner (i.e my husband) the evil eye.

Many of my quilts have had intended purposes from start to finish, but many more have only found their purpose after being completed. I’ve blogged before about how many quilts I’ve given away, as well as how many I’ve actually kept and use in my home.

I’m reaching a point, though, where I’m starting to wonder the same question as I look at the quilts that are either finished (and not being used) or not finished (and not being used): “What’s that one for?” And I’m starting to wish I had a different answer for some of them. How many bed quilts or lap quilts can one family have before it starts to get ridiculous? I’m sure the line of silliness is different for every person, but I think I’m starting to reach that point in my house. But. Some of the quilts that still aren’t finished aren’t ones that I would be willing to give away: I’m still too attached to them.

How silly is that?

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I’m not looking for suggestions for places to give away quilts: I know plenty of very deserving service projects, and I’m sure that as time goes on, I’ll be looking at more of them as places to donate.

All of this is to tell you that I finished several quilts over the past few days, all of which have been around in various states of undoneness lately, and I haven’t the faintest clue what I’m going to do with any of them.

First is The Whole Box (of Crayons).  Here are a couple of closeups:



Next is Lynn’s Leftovers.  Again, these blocks have been around forever, but I was inspired the other day to get them sewn together, throw on the border fabric (which is a leftover from my friend Lynn), and quilt it up.  The name of the pattern is Red Hot Leftovers….so the quilt name seemed obvious to me….

Oh for crying out loud.  I just realized that my last blog entry (4 days ago!) was partly about this quilt.  Duh.  Well, you get to see the whole thing this time, so here it is anyway:


Sheesh.  Sorry about that.  That’s what I get for not blogging for a few days, can’t even remember what I was babbling about.

I also quilted my Lone Star.  It still has some blue pen marks.


I marked the spines, and then freehanded the feathers.  I’m happy with how the feathers turned out, I’m a little annoyed with the mitered border, though. Someone didn’t do a very good job of applying it, so the quilt really isn’t quite square.  Have to fire my piecer, I guess.

My point in all of this:  I’ve now got 3 more quilts that are finished (or close to: if the quilting’s done, it’s nearly finished in my book…) that don’t have purposes in life, yet.  But I’m not ready or willing to give any of them away yet, for a number of reasons that I won’t bore you with at this time.  And in rereading what I’ve already written, it seems that I’ve attempted to make that same exact point in about the same way several times.  Are you bored yet?

Well, into the pile they go, while I go work on even more quilts that are partially finished — wonder what I’ll do with all of those?


I’ve got a couple of walls yet that are uncovered.



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