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New Blog Ring and Updating the Blogroll

My Blogroll has gotten a little out of hand, so you may notice that I’m categorizing the links and cleaning them up a bit.  I’m only doing a few at a time, because I don’t really have the desire to update all of them at one sitting.

Also, make note of a new Blog Ring showing up on my sidebar — the MQResource Blog Ring!  This is in conjunction with the new website/forum that I have been working on over the last few weeks.    Members of the ring are all machine quilters — I think we are up to about 16 members in the ring so far.

If you are interested in learning more about the blog ring, you can visit the ring home page:  MQResource Blog Ring Homepage.   At this time you do not have to be a member of the website to join the ring, but you might as well join us on the forums! It’s free and filling up with all sorts of great resource material for machine quilters, as well as a great way to stay connected with people who have a shared interest.


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Credit where credit is due

I alluded to this in a previous post, but based on some of the comments I’ve received, I want to clarify that I cannot take credit for the look of the feathered star quilt that I am working on.

The fabric choices and the bulk of the piecing that is already complete was all done by my friend, the generous and super-talented quilt artist Ronda Beyer.  The only thing I can take credit for right now is those center starbursts….

Several months ago she was clearing out some UFOs that she had lost interest in or grown frustrated by, and for some crazy reason I volunteered to take this one on.  I’ve resisted working on it, but it called to me this week….

It’s up on my design wall still talking to me, but I’m trying to ignore it again.  I spent yesterday alternately cleaning and messing around with other quilt projects that need my attention.  I can actually see the blue countertop again!  Some day I hope to actually completely clean my studio and have it all clean all at once so I can take pictures of it.  Maybe in my next lifetime.

The boys spent the entire afternoon/evening downtown playing on the inflatable toys at our town’s summer festival.  7 hours of fun in the sun — it was 94 degrees and probably 90% humidity at 7 PM — I don’t know how they could stand it.  I watched the parade, ate my pork loin sandwich,  ate my one funnel cake for the year, and then came home to the air conditioning.  I don’t particularly enjoy the sensation of sweat running down my body while I’m just standing still….

OK, on that note:  I’d better get moving.



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