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And our winner is….

Comment Number 26, which is Angela!

(I went to Random.org, and asked it to generate 1 random integer from between 1 and 49, the number of comments on my Momentous Post).

I did take a screenshot of the number, so if anyone wants proof that I didn’t just choose someone, you can have it….LOL!

I’ll be e-mailing Angela and will determine what exactly her drawing gift will be, and as soon as I figure that out, I’ll let y’all know!

Mark is home today (we had a meeting with our State Farm Agent, oy), plus our new windows came and he is working on the finish work from the new windows that got installed….a year ago….

I’d better get back to work, so he doesn’t think I spend the ENTIRE day at the computer.

More later!

Thanks everybody.  I was feeling pretty good about blogging before our little bloggy party, and now, I feel even more invigorated to keep going and keep finding fun new things to post about!



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