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Checkerboard stars

I’m not sure this photo turned out to be worth the effort.  Can you see the quilting?  It’s just loops.  I wanted fast and quick for this one.


The backing is one of the dotty minkee’s.  Sooooo soft…..

Because I’m trying to work from my stash lately, I decided that the quilt, the back, and the pillowcase had to come from my stash.  Which meant that the pillowcase for this baby’s quilt does not match his quilt… I pretty much used up every last bit of that baseball fabric, as well as the rest of it…

So, I pulled this baby print out of my stash.  I don’t even know how long I’ve had this.


I love making pillowcases.  So simple, and so satisfying.  I use Vicki’s instructions, although I opted to skip the trim on this one.

Today was not nearly as productive, due in part to the fact that I chose to snooze until about 9 this morning.  I did manage to get the binding on my Snowman Rows quilt done (I decided that if I wanted it done this Christmas, I’d better finish the binding by machine).  I decided not to put buttons on it (yet), but maybe before next Winter, those snowmen will have buttons.

Today’s quilting went well, but much slower because my Star Baby Checkerboard Star quilt is getting a custom treatment, which goes much more slowly than yesterday’s allover quilting.  The stitch in the ditch is all done, as is the continuous curve in the checkerboard.  I’m working on the stars and their backgrounds, and then have to figure out what to do in the borders.


Late this afternoon we headed out to some friend’s house for an evening of good food and adult conversation (the 4 kids were busy with the Nintendo Wii in the basement…it was like they weren’t even there…).

And now, it’s again time for me to go to bed.  I wonder, if I went back and counted, how many of my posts end with that particular sentiment?




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