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In my world there are two kinds of sneezing.   The first kind is the one where you think “Hmm, I wonder which airborne allergen was in my vicinity recently.”

The second kind is the one where you think “Oh sugar, I think I’m getting a cold.”

Guess which kind of sneezes I’ve been sneezing today?

Oh sugar.  The accompanying tickle in my sore throat and slight drip from my nose are also giveaways.

Prior to the onset of sneezy-feelings, I did have inspiration strike today.

I was sitting here and suddenly I just KNEW what I wanted to do for my Black and White and 1 Color postcards, which resulted in my bustling around all day working on them when I could

I even had to run to the grocery store in order to buy freezer paper.  I know I have some, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the disaster that I like to call my studio.

Funny story:  I decided to pick up 2 boxes, since I’m sure to lose the another box at some future point.  Got to the front to pay and the cashier said to me “Going to wrap some deer meat?”

Umm.  No.

Anyway:  back to the postcards.

It’s really kind of a cheap pun, but honestly:  given my love of the  color red, as well as my love of reading/books, I decided it was worth going for the cheap pun, because, hey, everybody loves a cheap pun, right?


My flash washed the background out, the text really is the same darkness from top to bottom.  I printed the quote about books on fabric (which is why I needed freezer paper, to back the muslin in order to send it through my inkjet).

I doubted my sanity when I was working on cutting out all of the letters.


Joe came in to my studio before supper while I was working on this and sat down on the couch.

Mom:  Hey Joe, what’s up?

Joe:  Can I start making a quilt tonight? Or sometime soon?

Mom:  Um,  well, maybe this weekend we can start something.

Joe: Right now?

Mom:  Well, NO, but you could go look around in my fabric closet for fabric that you might like.

While I was cutting out 40-gajillion little red letters, Joe was poking around in my fabric pulling out this assortment:


Make special note of (a) the black and red dragon fabric at the left — he actually picked that out at a quilt show several years ago and (b) the teal  (or whatever you would call that color) and orange, the colors of his favorite football team (Miami Dolphins).  He thinks that one of these days were are going to let him paint his bedroom teal and orange.   (Will thinks he gets to paint his room black and purple for the Baltimore Ravens.)

I asked him how big he thought he wanted his quilt to be.

“Oh, I think about 75 by 67,” he said.

I’m not sure what else he has in mind for this particular quilt, but I’ll be sure to share our progress as we get going on this project.

Oh!  Mark’s home!  (He was gone overnight!)

Gotta go!



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I got a postcard from Vicki a few days ago, and I was so excited to get it that I hung it on my sewing room door and forgot to take a picture of it and share here on my blog!


You’ll have to go visit Vicki’s blog for close-ups and instructions on how she added the hanger. Very clever!

Now, to figure out what *I’m* going to do for this postcard swap. The theme was my idea, and I’m still stuck!


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Switching servers means that my blog looked like it disappeared for awhile. It took me until this morning to realize that the reason I couldn’t get my blog address to point to the right place was because I wasn’t checking one tiny little box. Oops.

So those of you that might have been looking at really old posts from 2006, my apologies. Hopefully you’ve come back to make sure I’m really actually still here.

The fact that I did switch servers means that (a) I’m getting more junk mail, which, oddly enough is OK with me, because it also means that (b) I was finally able to get the password reminder e-mail from Ringsurf. I just knew that my previous host had been treating those as spam. The fact that I had gotten it means that (c) I have FINALLY fixed the MQResource webring. Phew. I should have switched my web/e-mail provider long ago.

(And darn it, I was so annoyed when I did get the password reminder e-mail. Now that I see it, I remember choosing the password that I did, but it is completely different than any of my other passwords, and I never would have remembered on my own that that is what it was.)

In other news: this is the 30th of November!!! That means that technically, I can publish this entry and I will have posted every single day in November as a part of NaBloPoMo. Hopefully most of you found most of my posts this month at least somewhat interesting and didn’t groan too badly thinking “Oh, dear heavens, what is she blathering about today.”

I’ve seen some bloggers that have participated that have been strugglign for the last week or so. I’ll have to be honest, I’ve felt pretty invigorated by the process. I have enjoyed the challenge of trying to post something daily, I think it’s been a good exercise in discipline for me.

I don’t know exactly what will happen in December. I’m hoping the commitment I’ve made to November will carry over to a new project that I’m starting tomorrow. I’m keeping it a surprise until the project actually starts, then I’ll tell you all about it.

I did do something interesting and related to art/craft last night, and will post later today. Right now, though, it’s time to go get the slugs out of bed and get our day started. Unfortunately, the slugs like to get out of bed as much as their Mama does (which isn’t very much), so it takes awhile to get them going.



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