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I might try to go get some sewing done, but then I might call it quits and go crawl back in bed, even though it’s only the middle of the afternoon.


The text reads:

If you had asked me when I was a kid, I would have said that Christmas must absolutely by white. No doubt about it. Anything less was a disappointment.

Now that I’m an adult, though, I’m not quite as insistent on things having to be a certain way in order for the holiday to be perfect.

A warm, sunny Florida Christmas? I blustery and snowless Iowa Christmas? The weather doesn’t seem to matter to me as much as it used to.

I do have to admit that Christmas would not be Christmas without listening to my all time favorite Christmas songs and watching my two favorite Christmas movies: White Christmas, Holiday Inn. I sure love that Bing Crosby!


I’ll probably edit the text, as I’m not totally in love with what I ended up with. The brain is a little too cold-fogged to write and come up with something really spectacular.

As far as our current weather goes: sleet, turned to snow, turned to rain, turned to cold over night: resulting in gravel roads and driveways and sidewalks that are slick, slick, slick. The hard surface roads seem OK, but our road and driveway are treacherous.

Mildly funny story: the doorbell rang at 6:40 AM. Mark had gone out to take care of his sister’s dog, and I couldn’t fathom why he would be ringing the doorbell, but perhaps there was some logical reason.

No one at the door. Checked the back door, maybe he’d gone around back. (Remember: this is 6:40 AM, I’ve got a cold and I do NOT get out of bed this early if I don’t have to). Nope, nobody there.

Back to the front door, notice that there are no tracks in the snow on the front step.

Back to bed: realize that there must be something wrong with the doorbell: it had been covered with ice the previous day.

6:50 AM: Doorbell rings again. I’m pretty sure it’s the same issue, but I’m compelled to go check and make sure there’s no one at the door. Slightly annoyed that it is going to ring every 10 minutes, but I can live with it. Back to bed.

6:52 AM: Doorbell rings again. OK, every 10 minutes was going to be liveable, but 2 minutes? Mark? Are you going to be home soon?

Fall asleep.

7:15AM: Doorbell rings again, wakes me up. This time it rings twice in a row with a few repeats of the first few notes. If I go whack the button and/or the inside part of the doorbell, will it stop?

Luckily (luckily!) Mark got home shortly after this, and took it all apart and brought the wireless button inside to dry out. Hopefully it’ll be back to normal soon.

I hope all of you are having a nice warm Sunday free of ghostly doorbells and icy sidewalks.




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