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Sinus infections….

are the pits.  My throbbing head is sending me to bed early.

I’ve been busy sewing all day trying to get those Corn and Beans blocks done (which they are, and sewn together into the center of the quilt top), but have hit a  roadblock:  I don’t have enough of the green fabric to do the borders the way I had intended, and I don’t have enough of a neutral to do something different, so the quilt is going to have to wait until I can get to a fabric store.

Today’s journal prompt was about Christmas Trees, and while I took some photos and have done some composing in my head that’s as far as I’ve gotten.  I can’t really stand to sit here and look at the computer with my head throbbing the way it is.  Sewing seemed to be OK, but this is…not…

I probably shouldn’t even be posting, but I feel like after nearly 6 weeks of daily posting, my day isn’t complete without something here on my blog.  Those of you reading this are probably wishing I hadn’t bothered.

With any luck I’ll be feeling better tomorrow and have something more interesting to post about.  Like taking the boys to the dentist!  Yippee!




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