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There does happen to be one swear word in this post, and I apologize in advance for that.  The Not Safe label is due to a holiday related story that will show up later in the  post, so if your kids are reading over your shoulder, I suggest that you make them go away.

Thanks for the good wishes!  My head is still quite achy, but I’m not feeling quite as desperate as I was last night.

I did have a fairly productive day, but really have very little to show for myself tonight.  I’m working on the teacher gifts — I got the quilting done and have been working on the binding.   I got some minkee for the back of the quilts.  Well, minkee is a specific brand, this is a different brand, but the same kind of stuff — it’s the really soft poly stuff that is just yummy to the touch.

I was composing a blog post in my head about tips for working with it.  The top two are (1) be prepared for the shedding occurs when you cut it (I’ve got little red bits of fuzz everywhere…) and (2) don’t get your iron anywhere near the stuff.

As I was mentally composing this I was working on joining the ends of the binding, and had to iron the cotton binding fabric.

“Don’t touch it with the iron, don’t touch it with the iron, don’t touch…….damn it.”

I touched it with the iron.

But then, you knew that was coming, didn’t you?

I should have taken a picture of the bottom of my iron before I started wiping the gunk off.  I suppose I could take a picture of the section of the backing that has the iron imprint on it.

In completely unrelated news:   My copy of Photoshop is acting really oddly and not letting me do some things I want to do.  I’m downloading an update and hope that it’ll fix the problem.  Today’s journal prompt was about Christmas’s Past — I’ve got some ideas about that one, too, but I’m waiting to fix Photoshop, plus I wanted to concentrate on quilting today.

And in the Signs That Your Children Are Growing Up Department:

Joe is composing a mental list of the reasons that he does and does not believe that Santa exists.

First up: His Dad informed him that a Dan Marino football jersey would be expensive, and that he shouldn’t expect Santa to bring him one.

According to Joe, it shouldn’t matter how much it costs, because Santa’s elves make the gifts that he brings.  Therefore, based on Dad’s comments about the price, it must be his parents that buy the presents and not Santa.

Dad’s response:   The shirt itself wouldn’t cost Santa anything, but Santa has to pay licensing and royalty fees to the Miami Dolphins.

Today, at the dentist, the hygienist was asking him about what he wanted for Christmas and what he hoped Santa would bring — he actually said to her “If he exists….”

I just shook my head.

What I need to do is figure out how to tell them that I don’t really care what they believe, but they are NOT, under ANY circumstances to say ANYTHING that would ruin it for their various cousins.

I’ve had conversations with a number of people who have said that in their house if you want presents from Santa you’d better believe…that’s all well and good, but I haven’t yet figure out how to actually say that to the boys.   I’ll keep you posted on further developments.




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