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This is normally a Christmas Eve thing, but since my niece and nephew won’t be here then, we decided to give the kids their jammies tonight. They were playing Mouse Trap, and I tried to get some pictures, but mostly what I got were big blurs of silliness.

This one turned out pretty well:


The jammies are all humongous on the kids, but that seems to be part of the tradition: Mom (aka Aunt Suzy) buys them really big, so they fit for a long time….the matching set I got for my 2 year old nephew are going to be really huge on him….oh well, at least they are drawstring waist…

The kids got to stay home this afternoon/evening with my husband who fed them grilled cheese sandwiches and entertained them. My brother, his wife, my mom, and I all went out for supper and some last minute Christmas shopping. Lest you feel sorry for my husband, he just got back this afternoon from a trip to Kansas City and was wiped out. Staying home, even if it meant corralling the 4 kids, was much more appealing to him. Besides, the 4 kids are getting along so well, I don’t think he had to do much to keep them entertained.

The kids are having a sleepover tonight, 2 kids in each bedroom. They didn’t stay awake and giggle as long as I was expecting. I think they were tired.

More fun tomorrow, then they will head for their next stop on Saturday (weather-permitting….stay away winter storm….)

I’m running a day behind on my Christmas Journal, and the entry for the 19th isn’t technically finished:

December 19, 2007

I’ve asked my boys to write letters (Will has done so, and a copy of his is in the envelope).  I also asked my niece and nephew if they would like to contribute a letter.  Sofia created the love note that you see here.  I still need to write my letter….and to convince Joe to write his….

Phew.  All that shopping wore me out.  I ought to have hit the sack ages ago.




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