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Faux Christmas Eve

Because of our impending trip to see my sister, we decided to e-mail Santa and ask if he could come a few days early. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize we’d be getting a snowstorm this evening when we made that request. He seems to think it won’t be a problem, though, so tomorrow morning Wii will have lots of Christmas news to report.

Mom seemed to be in pretty good spirits tonight when we took some supper over to her. I think she’s still in quite a bit of pain, though.

On our way over to her house, we had to stop at a friend’s house so that the boys could take care of their bird and fish. Would you believe that when I got out of the truck I fell? Good grief. Luckily I’m just sore and not actually hurt. Well, only my pride.
After we got home we watched The Polar Express and read Twas the Night Before Christmas.

I had to finish a top secret quilting project, but now I’m ready for bed.

Because, of course, Santa can’t come until we are all asleep, right?




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