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December 20, 2007

December 21, 2007

The 20th says:

Just a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have believed that I would have a picture of  my boys with their Smeigh cousins to put in my Christmas Journal.  David’s phone call telling us that he and his family were coming  — all the way from Tunisia! — to spend a few days at our house while they were in the States was a huge Surprise.  We had an awesome visit, and were so sad to see them leave.  Joe wants to go visit them in Tunisia next year.

The prompt for the 21st was to take a picture of your house right NOW — was it ready for the holidays??  Was it a mess?  Well, the pictures I managed to take that day all had to do with the family that was filling up my house, so that’s what I decided to go with for the day’s entry.

If you are interested in the credits for the digital elements, you can click on the picture(s), which will take you to Flickr, where you can view the entries larger, read the credits, and see past entries as well.

And with that, I really am signing off.  We were supposed to have visitors today, but with the weather, that didn’t work out:  which meant some unexpected time today to get a few of my journal entries caught up.  After this, though, I’ll be taking notes and pictures, but not doing the actual entires until my return.




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A funny

I was sending an e-mail to someone and just remembered this funny from this morning.

At some point, possibly after the Wii got opened, but maybe before (I can’t remember, it was such a blur…) Will said, in a very thoughtful tone:

“It doesn’t look like I’m going to get a plasma TV.”

Ya think?

Happy Holidays!


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It is still super, super windy here in Iowa.  We can’t even go south of our house, the road is drifted shut.  Mark is out plowing our driveway (for the…3rd? 4th? time today) in order to allow us to get out and make a trip to check on my Mom.   I’m not really sure how much snow we’ve actually gotten.   In some spots, you can see the layer of ice that was there before, in other places, the drifts are several feet high.

The wind was supposed to have died down earlier this afternoon, I just hope it gives up and quits overnight so that our flight isn’t delayed (or, heaven forbid…canceled….)

The following picture pretty much says it all as far as our Christmas celebration goes:


They started playing at 10 AM, and except for a few quick bathroom breaks didn’t stop until we made them come eat supper at 5:30 PM.   No lunch, no snacks, no quick drinks:  just uninterrupted Wii action, all day long.  I’m surprised they even stopped to visit the loo.  They know that being allowed to play all day long is pretty unusual….and I thought I’d say it out loud, lest any of my readers think we are horrible parents.  We decided that since we were going to be dragging them away from it right away, we’d let them get a bunch of play time in.  Of course, my sister has one too, and I suspect that they’ll be allowed to play hers a little bit, too.

I was excited to hear that the weather in Hoboken/New York City is supposed to be in the 40s/50s while we are there, which will be a welcome relief from our current weather situation.  Plus, some of the things we are planning to do are outside, so having decent weather will make everything much more pleasant.

I suspect that I will not be blogging much while we are gone.  Maybe a quick update once in awhile, but don’t expect much from me until I get back next weekend!

I hope that you are having a wonderful and happy holiday season.  Stay warm and safe!


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