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Quick update

We are waiting for the pizza delivery guy to bring our supper. My brother-in-law, nephew, boys, and I spent the day in the city at the Natural History Museum.  My husband took a trip to the doctor with my sister.  We were afraid he had strep throat, but it is apparently just a virus.  He was quite miserable yesterday, and I think he’s better today, but not by much.

Our plane trip was fine, but our luggage didn’t make it on the 2nd plane with us.  We arrived at about 4:30 PM on Monday, but didn’t get our bags until 12:30 PM on Tuesday.  Bummer.  At least we got them, right?

We are having a lovely time visiting, I just feel so horribly for my poor husband.  We’re hoping that he feels at least a little better tomorrow, as we are planning a trip to the Statue of Liberty.

I hope that all of you  are having a nice week, and I’ll babble at you again soon!



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