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Greetings from California

Just checking in to say hello from Ontario, CA.  My trip on Wednesday was fine — planes on time, baggage that arrived when it was supposed to, etc, etc, etc…The only real problem was that on both trips the gentlemen sitting in front of me chose to recline for most of the trip.  I was wedged in pretty tight.  Yuck.  Plus, I dropped my bag of M&Ms and couldn’t reach it thanks to being so tightly stuffed into my seat.

The quilt is show is HUGE!  Lots of really beautiful quilts and tons of great vendors.  And lots of friendly faces, too.  It’s always so much fun to meet people that I’ve gotten to know online.  Yesterday morning I was walking along and saw a quilt hanging in a booth and thought “Wow, that looks just like the quilt that is on the front cover of Judy‘s book.”

As I got closer, I realized that it was, in fact, THE quilt from the front of her book, and she was sitting underneath it signing books!

The weather Wednesday night was crazy (we heard on the news that some  of the gusts were over 100 MPH), but it is nice to be warmer (and less snowy) than it is back in Iowa.   My poor husband had to go home early Wednesday to pick up a sick child, and got to stay home yesterday thanks to a snow day.  Hopefully he’ll get some work done today before the long weekend.

We are getting ready to go eat some breakfast and then head over for another busy day.    I think I heard that winners will be posted on the Road to California website sometime today.




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