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One down, one to go…

The suitcases just arrived.

Hopefully Hannah doesn’t take as long as my suitcases did.


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Waiting for deliveries

My luggage 

My suitcases were supposed to be here between 1:30 and 5:30.   I called at 6:30 and was told they were running late and it would be here by no later than 9.  It is now just past 8:30.  It’s not a huge deal, thankfully I can survive without the contents, but I did have to pause when I wanted to do some piecing and realized that my brand-new thread is still stuck in my luggage.

My niece

My sister has had the devil’s own luck with this pregnancy.  Unfortunately, the problems have led to an early induction (I think they are at 36 weeks now?).  We are still waiting for news, and Hannah may not arrive until sometime tomorrow.  The secret quilt I made 2 weeks ago is intended to be Hannah’s quilt, but since I have immediate plans for it, I’m not able to send it right away.  So you know what I’m doing?  Yup.  Making another quilt.  My Mom has something in progress for her too, but it will be at least next week before that quilt is ready.  The young lady can’t have enough quilts, you know, and this has given me something to do while I wait.

I’m not sure Hannah’s big brother Colin will really understand what will be happening to his lifestyle here in the near future.  Over the next month or so he’ll get to have visits from 2 Grandmas and his Aunt Suzy to help Mommy out and to help ease the transition.  Not only is Colin gaining a sister, he is losing his Nanny.  He and another little girl (Cecilia) have been sharing a nanny since Colin was born.  I think he’s probably going to miss both the nanny and Cecy.

I don’t remember what it was like when my brother (3 years younger) and sister (4.5 years younger) came along.  It wasn’t until Deb was older (and talking.  a lot.) that I recall wishing we could return her.

We didn’t get along all that well when we were young, and then I took off for college before she even got to high school.  I’m very glad that we have gotten closer now that we are grown-ups.

Phone just rang.  No news on either delivery.

Soon.  I hope.

Sign me:

A Worried Aunt Suzy

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Finally home


I was supposed to be home yesterday, but it took me until this morning to actually pull into my own driveway.   When my plane landed (30 minutes late) in 6:30, it was to discover that (A) my luggage was still in Denver and (b) it was snowy and windy and subzero temperatures in Des Moines.

Due to (A) I was unable to change my shoes, so I had to wear my Crocs out into (B).  Thanks to the drifts of snow around my car I wound up with soaking wet socks and ice cold toes.

The drive home is about 90 miles, which usually takes about 90 minutes total.   It took me 90 minutes to do half of it, and it was getting worser and worser the further I drove.  My nerves were shot, so I pulled into a Super 8 and finished the second half of the drive this morning.  Hopefully my luggage joins me soon.

School is delayed 2 hours, but it’s almost time to drag the boys out the door.  When I get back I have a bazillion things to do.

Like respond to the Jury Duty notice that arrived while I was gone.  What a way to end what had been a really great trip.


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