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California Goodies

I had such a lovely time in California at the quilt show.  I always find shows like that a little overwhelming, though, and rarely buy very much.

I did buy a bunch of thread at the Superior Threads booth, but it’s all boring neutrals and not really worthy of a picture.

On the very last day, about 2 minutes before the show was to close, I found this Jelly Roll (for those that don’t know:  a jelly roll is a roll of precut 2.5 inch strips from a fabric collection).  The collection is Strawberry Lemonade.


Too, too cute.  I had to buy two.

The other thing I bought was a kit to make this quilt designed by Possibilities:


Most of the quilt is the construction equipment strip.  The outer border fabric is traffic cones, with just a little bit of piecing in the stars and middle strip.


Also extremely cute.

I was also the recipient of some nice gifts.  Susan gave me this as a Welcome to California present.  I gave her a calendar about shoes as my “I cam eto California present” (she has a picture of the calendar on her blog.  I bought myself the calendar, too, isn’t it fun that we can change our calendar each day and know that we are looking at the same thing?  LOL)


The coolest thing I got, though, was these pillowcases from Lynn.


She had asked me for the instructions I had used for making pillowcases, and I sent her off to Vicki‘s blog, having no idea she wanted to make something for ME!  There were some other goodies in the bag, but the penguin pillowcases were the highlight.

I saw a ton of people at the show, and I’m almost afraid to start naming names, because I know I’m going to forget someone.  This would also require me to spend time looking up blog links and I’m running out of time right now, so I’ll try to post more about that later.

It is so cold here in Iowa, I sure wish I were back in California right now.  What I really want to do is go snuggle under a quilt with my book, but I really need to go finish Hannah’s quilt.  It’s quilted, but needs the binding.  I was hoping to ge tit in the mail today, but I don’t think I’m going to make it.   I futzed around too much this morning.




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