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Oh, phew.

Today’s prompt from Shimelle was a lot easier than yesterday’s…

She had a mini English lesson (refresher course) about prepositions, and the prompt was to write short sentence fragments that all began with a preposition.


My plan is to wind up with a stack of these very simple pages that are 5 by 7 and then I’m going to also print out her journaling prompts and stick them all together in a notebook as a reference for future scrapbooking ideas — her instructions plus my responses should equal an awesome reference!

I’m also probably going to redo this particular layout into something bigger and fancier, with this picture of my nephew Colin as part of a larger project I’m working (i.e. to go with the other pages I’ve been creating in my Photoshop class…).  That is a horrendous sentence.  Sorry.  I should rewrite, but hopefully you were able to catch my drift….
Grandma loved her photo album, unfortunately she was not feeling well and didn’t go out for lunch with us.  She also spent a large part of the time we were there in the depths of a nasty coughing fit, I hope she can see a doctor this week and get checked out.  She was quite miserable.

Dog update:  Katie didn’t hate the new dog (she pretty much ignored her in fact…) so Mark and the boys took that as a good sign.  The three of them decided that they would, in fact, like to bring her home (I think the boys are quite excited about her — Katie pretty much ignores them, too).  The volunteers at the shelter got the paperwork started, but then had to take our new family member off for a final checkup.  Unfortunately they discovered that her temp was up  and they couldn’t release her to Mark.  We can call back tomorrow to see how she is doing.  She’s ours, but they won’t let her go until her temp is normal.  I’m a little bit worried about the elevated temp, but she had been just playing and running so, hopefully it’s not a big deal.

The boys are off watching the Super Bowl (they’ve piled into my bed so they can watch it in High-Def).  I’m going to eat some popcorn and do some computer stuff and some sewing, too, probably.

Thanks to everyone that visits, whether you comment or not.  I’d love to hear from more of you, but I know from my own experience that time is short.

Have a great evening!



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dog update

the other family did not take the dog we met yesterday, so mark and the boys will be taking katie up to the humane society this afternoon to let the two dogs meet and see what happens.  i’m not sure what to expect…

more later….

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Today is my Grandma’s 86th birthday.  I’ve known since Friday night that Mom and I were going to go take her out for lunch today, but it wasn’t until this morning that I had a brainstorm about what I could make and take to her as a surprise.

Last week, one of the daily challenges from my Photoshop class was to make a mini-album.  I…didn’t actually do it that day, but I standing in the shower this morning I realized that the project would be perfect for a small album of Great-Grandchildren.

I pretty much knew exactly what photos I was going to use — and I was going to make them all Sepia toned and do the selective recoloring I learned last week.  Which meant that I already had one photo done (my nephew Colin…)

So, this morning I hurried up and recolored the rest of the photos, printed everything out, cut it all out and glued the album pieces together.  The album consists of the cover, the journaling pages, cardstock for the pages and chipboard for the covers.  Oh, and your pictures.  Everything prints out at 4 by 6.


The instructions called for a different binding method, I decided to just punch everything and bind it with rings.


On most of the layouts I chose to highlight the kids’ eyes, like this one of Gage, but Maddux’s light saber seemed like a pretty obvious choice for his page.


It’s not perfect, but it’s done.  I struggle with cutting paper cleanly.  And I struggle with glue.  I’m such a messy gluer.

It has all 8 great-grandchildren.  I hope she likes it.  I think she will.

You can make your own So Thankful album, too — the instructions and a link to the files for the covers and journaling pages can be found on Jessica Sprague’s blog.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Photoshop?  And my computer?

Have a great Sunday!


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