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You will most likely notice a decided lack of quilting related posts (i.e. an emphasis on the Other Adventures part of my blog title…) in the current and near future.  This is not because I have given up quilting (far from it!!), but more because most of what I’m working on currently (quilting or otherwise) is based on the computer.  Writing, drawing, figuring out HTML and CSS and some other website related stuff, all of this will keep me tied to my computer for the next little while.  And of course, because I’m here, I’m taking my breaks by keeping up on my Photoshop class as well as doing some other digi-scrapping fun things.

With any luck I will actually sew tonight (when Mark gets home and I can turn Maggie duties over to him). I could probably go hang out in the sewing room, but we’ve got a pretty good set up in the office right now, and I don’t quite trust that my sewing room is de-puppy-ed enough to have Maggie in there for too long.

Shimelle’s prompt for today is to write a letter to someone that just tells a little bit of something about what happened today. Nothing profound, just everyday life kind of stuff.  I happened to have just written a note to my husband about the dogs, and decided to reuse some of what I had written.  I originally thought about addressing it “Dear Diary,” but then I decided it would be more fun to write to my 8 year old niece, Sofia.  Sofia was here to visit in December, her Dad is in the Army and they live overseas.  They have a Great Dane named Fabienne, and were quite taken with how small Katie was in comparison to their great big dog.

It was quite fun to write this note as if I were talking to her, and I would like to think that I will send her more notes in the future. First, I need to actually work on sending this to her, in addition to posting it here.


The paper is from Scrapgirls, Appassionata kit, the frames and ribbon curl are by Flergs.  Fonts are Ma Sexy and Century Gothic.

As I noted in my letter to Sofia, we are covered in snow.  The driveway is pretty much impassable at the moment.  Spring!  Where are you???



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