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Nine days

I just typed out and then deleted several paragraphs in which there was more whining about the weather.  I decided you didn’t need to be inflicted with more of that.

Nine is the number of days that the kids have now missed school due to snow/blowing snow/ice/etc.

And yes, today is number 9!  I didn’t believe it when I first saw that school was closed, and had to check both TV stations, plus call Mark (who had heard it on the radio).  Crazy.

I went to wake up Joe (before I knew that school was closed). He was playing possum.  I said in a loud cheerful voice “Guess what?”

His eyes popped open so fast!  “Two hour delay?”

“No, I’m sorry honey…”

“School’s closed?”

“No, I’m sorry honey…”

He got all frowny.  I tried not to laugh but I had to tell him that the news was exciting for ME not for HIM.  Turned out the joke was on me.

At least they got up and put clothes on today.  They’ve had quite a few jammie days lately….

I hope my strawberry fabric comes today so I can fondle it and think of spring.




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