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the return of write it down

Remember back at the beginning of the month, when I started doing daily journal exercises? Well, the prompts just stopped appearing after a week, and it turns out that the site had been hit by spammers.  And the site’s owner had been traveling and unable to get it all fixed.  The prompts have started appearing again (cool!), and I decided to do one of them this morning.    I’m totally going out of order now, but I hope to eventually go back and fill them all in. Shimelle has four new ones posted, and it seems like maybe she’s posting them two at a time.

The one I did today was to go take a picture out your window and then journal about the weather, and to write about being thankful.

Those of you that have been reading lately should know that this prompt was not nearly as hard as you might think, since all I’ve done lately is complain about the weather.

Because, look:  the sun is shining, and the snow is sparkling.  I wish I could capture the sparkles better.  I don’t know what to do differently.  Any photographers out there that have ideas?  The whole sparkle like diamonds thing is a cliche, but it works for me.  I love cliches and terrible puns and other stuff like that.


The funniest thing is that because the sun is shining and it’s a little bit warmer, the snow and ice that is on our roof is melting and shifting and  sldingin down off the roof.  Making terrific noise which is driving the dogs a little bit bonkers.

On a completely separate note:  I finally got some of this week’s mail this morning.  I haven’t even bothered to complain about that on the blog, you would have all qiut reading out of annoyance with the whining.  We have not gotten any mail at all this week.  My postmaster was not a happy camper when I stopped in there to pick it up.  It’s been a sub trying (and failing) to deliver mail on our rural route.  Yes, the road’s are bad and the route is 125 miles total, but I’m pretty sure she could have made it to my house at least ONCE this week.  Anyway, I’ve been chomping at the bit because my strawberry fabric was part of what has been riding around in her car during the day and sitting at the PO at night.    I finally have it, though, and I’m going to take a break from computer stuff and see if I can’t get some borders sewn on my cheerful strawberry quilt.

That will make me very happy.



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