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Mark came home early and spent several hours chipping ice out of our gutters so that the water could run through the gutter, rather than down behind the siding and inside the house.  I think the water has stopped coming in the basement, not the least because the rain has turned into snow.

Great big globby blogs of heavy wet snow.


For reference, the base of the rose bush in the front of the picture is nearly down to the bare ground, just a little bit of snow covering the ground there.  The drift behind it comes up nearly to the doorknob of the shed.  I thought about brightening the picture up, but that grey look is really what it feels like.


I’d like to hop on that plane to Australia, but I just realized I can’t:  no passports.  I’ll have to remedy that.



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Western Salad Dressing


Wait!  Some of you have never heard of Western Salad Dressing?

Yum.  It’s a nice sweet dressing that I’m sure is really bad for you.

Here’s what Wish-Bone’s website says about it:

Try a savory twist on traditional French dressings. Try Wish-Bone® Western® Original Dressing. This rich and creamy French dressing is bursting with a savory blend of tomatoes, onion and garlic flavors. C’est fantastique.

It does come in “fat free” and “lite” versions.

I have to apologize in advance for the upcoming crabbiness:  you can click away now if you don’t want to read my whining.

It is raining, and due to some unfortunate circumstances with our re-siding project, which are really too long to go into here, we are getting water in our basement.  I’ve had to move my big laser printer because it was starting to get wet, and I’m having a little bit of trouble keeping up with the water that is dripping in.

The boys have already been dismissed early (they were at school from 8:20 until 10:20) in anticipation of the fact that this is going to turn to ice and then snow, and lots of it.  I fell this morning on some invisible ice on my sidewalk.  My rear end was sore, and I landed on my arm, and that is achy.  (I really am OK, I’m just…whiny…)

I don’t drink, but Vicki keeps suggesting adult beverages as the cure to my ills.  I’m beginning to believe her.

Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine.  I know, I know:  I’m lucky to have heat, power, food, health, etc, etc, etc.  But damn it.  I’m so freaking tired of this weather.


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