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My assistants were helping me while I was trying to take some photographs.

They were fighting over this bone.


I showed a little bit of this quilting the other day, you got a glimpse of how close I had come to running out of thread.

I’m only showing the back, because the front is busy enough that the quilting is really hard to see in a photograph.


Don’t look too closely.  My backtracking isn’t all that great.


This was my second try at a freehand design on this particular quilt, and I wasn’t 100% happy with the choice, but when I realized that I might have preferred something different (namely:  something less dense…), I was really too far along to actually undo the stitching I had already done.


It’s done, now, and that’s what counts.  Well, done quilting, it does still need a binding.

This is a terrible picture, and I apologize  for that.  The pieces are just slapped up on my design wall and it’s not really bright enough for a good picture in there.


For better for for worse, this is what the Blooming Nine Patch is looking like.  The rainbow stripe is from my shopping excursion over the weekend, and the two inner fabrics are out of my stash.  I wish I’d had more of either one of those:  if I had, I would have put things in a different order.

The Nine patches are all made, the plain pieces are all cut:  now to sew it all together into rows.  The original pattern calls for 8 fabrics, I’m only using 7.  I’m not sure how  wide I’ll make the bug border, I just pinned the yardage up on the design wall to give an idea of what it will look like.

My Wednesday piano students are here, gotta run!



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Photoshop class

I wanted to remind my blog visitors that have expressed an interest in learning how to use Photoshop for digital scrapbooking about a class opportunity. Jessica Sprague (the instructor I took my class from last month) is getting ready to teach a beginner’s class starting next week. Registration is only guaranteed to be open until 6PM Eastern time tonight — after that they’ll close registration when class is full. I think it fills pretty quickly, so if you are interested, today’s the day!

I’ve decided to go ahead and take this class, even though I just finished the intermediate class — the reviews and comments I’ve read in her site’s forum suggest that it’s worth it to anyone wanting to know more.


Later today:  actual quilting/sewing content.  Honest.


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